QSR, It is a method to Memories any Study Book Completely With Speed, in 15 minutes, without seeing any page of the study book with less efforts in to education. Prior to this program, training of Right Brain Education is Necessary.

Students of QSR can Memories Any Book of Studies with any level of Education Standard, Once He / She Flipped the book, he can remember it completely and recall all the information any time when He / She needed, Like Swami Vivekananda

(Important Note: - Students studies content should be understandable)

When children have to do revision, they take the same time as the first time they have invested for studies, but after taking QSR training, whenever there is an examination, only a few minutes can take to review the books, through this program Children do not need to read whole book, just students need to be blind-folded and flips the pages of books for only 15 minutes, and post that student can memories and can re-call all the content summary info-graphs and any time when they needed.