Welcome to HOMBA(House of Mid-Brain Activation Academy)



With the broad goal of advancing Dermatoglyphics science, HOMBA develop science of Dermatoglyphics and Right Brain Education...
House of Mid-Brain Activation Academy (HOMBA), seek national partner in future education development, implementation and distribution of the Educational programs and systems.


The Vision of House of Mid-Brain Activation Academy is to benefit the Students by providing international Mid-Brain training. 
HOMBA is dedicated to develop education and career of students and stop parents doing trial and errors in education for future career development using intelligence program. We make genius...So “Let’s Make Young Einstein”...


HOUSE OF MID-BRAIN ACTIVATION (HOMBA) is a pioneer and registered from DMRC (Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Research Centre) Singapore and Japan for RIGHT BRAIN EDUCATION, INTILLIGENCE DEVELOPMENT (IN-BORN TALENT) and Eye Vision Solution at Vadodara city. HOMBA offers Brain Development and Education Courses. HOMBA has extensive 2 branches for training and trained over 550 + students.

HOMBA has a range of “Brain Development”, “Intelligence” and “Regular Education Courses Coaching” for all STUDENTS age of 5 to 16 Yrs name known as “Genius Academy”. 

EYE VISION SOLUTION is involve in “Get Rid of Reading Glasses (Spectacle) and All EYE related problems for child and adults.